To contact BFCG for a review of your book, please make sure your book meets our criteria:

  •    It is classified as a Christian book.
  •    There is no sex scenes or a near scene.
  •    There is no major cussing.
  •     It is over a 122 pages long.
  •     It does not deal with spiritual warfare.

Please note, if your book is written for adults or young adults: Your book will most definitely get a one star rating in at least one of ratings (out of five) because this blog is for girls ages 9-19! Makes sense that a book written for high schoolers it’s okay for girls who are nine, right? That’s what might happen. 😉     

Please remember, my goal is never to make an author cry, sad or mad! I simply compare the written words to Philippians 4:8. Contacting this blog for a review means that you, as the author, are aware that we will give an honest review of your book. You might not agree with or like everything I say, but I promise to give an honest review.  

As of September 2017, the turn-a-round time (from the time it’s in my hands from the day I post my review) is:
  • PAPERBACKS: 2-3 months
  • E-BOOKS: 3-4 months

If you feel like your book could pass these guidelines and you’re in no super hurry for a review, feel free to e-mail us at  booksforchristiangirls (at) yahoo (dot) com   .

{{ Please note: We reserve the right to make any changes in the acceptance of review books. We may decline to review a book when contacted without giving a reason or after accepting a review book due to content we feel is unfit. By contacting us, you agree to this disclaimer. }}

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