Books We Don't Recommend

This page is a list of books that I think shouldn’t be read by anyone under 19. {Please know, I’m not trying to make the authors cry, I’m really not! Since I do book reviews of not only pre-teen and young adult books, but also “adult” books and, unfortunately, some of them aren’t fitting for the target ages of this blog. But, I also have reviewed books that while are technically written for adults, that would be okay to even fabulous for a younger age than it was written for. Carrie Turansky’s novels would be an example for fabulous “adult books” that are perfect for teen girls.}
Please remember, all thoughts said on reviews are all mine (unless otherwise noted) we all have an opinion and we might disagree on an opinion with one book but love the next together! Please keep this in mind.  Thank you! :) 

{These are based on the Books for Christian Girls rating system.

Alexander, Hannah – “Eye of the Storm”
Alexander, Johnnie – “When Love Arrives
Alexander, Tamera – “To Win Her Favor”
Axtell, Ruth – “A Heart's Rebellion”
Benson, Dayo – “Raw Deal”
Bergren, Lisa T. – “Breathe”
Bergren, Lisa T. – “Deluge” 
Bischof, Joanne – “This Quiet Sky”
Blake, Amy C. – “Whitewashed” 
Breslin, Kate – “High as the Heavens”
Buckman, Michelle – “Maggie Come Lately”
Burch, Heather – “Summer by Summer” 
Carie, Jamie – “A Duke's Promise” 
Carie, Jamie – “The Forgiven Duke”
Carie, Jamie – “The Guardian Duke”   
Calhoun, Bonnie S. –“Thunder” {Review from Alisha from 'Alisha's Bookish Life'.}
Coloma, Cindy Martinusen– “Caleb + Kate”
Corp, Carey – “Doon” (written with L. Langdon)
Cross, Tracey – “Love Finds You in Deadwood, South Dakota”
Davis, Susan Page – “The Outlaw Takes a Bride”
Dee, Rose – “Back to Resolution”
Dekker, Rachelle – “The Choosing”
Denmark, Evangeline – “Curio”
Dotta, Jessica – “Born of Persuasion”
Dotta, Jessica – “Mark of Distinction” 
Everson, Eva Marie – “Five Brides”
Fuller, Kathleen – “A Reluctant Bride”
Gist, Deeanne – “Courting Trouble”
Gray, Shelley – “Secrets of Sloane House”  
Green, Jocelyn – “A Refuge Assured”
Grover, Lorie Ann – “Firstborn”
Harris, Yvonne – “The Vigilante's Bride”
Hedlund, Jody –“A Daring Sacrifice” 
Hedlund, Jody –“Love Unexpected”
Hedlund, Jody –“Out of the Storm”
Higgs, Liz Curtis – “Grace in Thine Eyes” 
Hill, Tammy – “Knowing: A Series of Gifts”
Ivie, Brian – “The Drop Box” 
Jagears, Melissa – “A Bride at Last” 
Jones, Jenny B. – “Engaged in Trouble”
Jones, Jenny B. – “Save the Date” 
Joubert, Irma – “The Girl From the Train”  
Keith, Keely Brook – “The Land Uncharted”  
Klavan, Andrew – “Crazy Dangerous”  
Koontz, D.L. – “Crossing into the Mystic”
Lang, Maureen – “All in Good Time”
Leon, Bonnie – “Touching the Clouds”
Lessman, Julie – “A Hope Undaunted”
Lough, Loree – “Emma's Orphans”
Manders, Elaine – “Adela's Prairie Suitor”
Mason, Susan Anne – “Irish Meadows”
Mills, DiAnn – “Lanterns & Lace”
Mills, DiAnn – “Leather & Lace”
Moore, K.S. –“Angel Beneath My Wheels”  
Morrill, Stephanie – “Me, Just Different”
Overstreet,Jeffery – “Auralia's Colors”
Parrish, Christa – “Home Another Way” 
Rivers, Francine –“Bridge to Haven”
Rivers, Francine – “Redeeming Love”
St. Amant, Besty – “All's Fair in Love and Cupcakes”
Smith, Debra White – “Texas Heat: Lone Star Intrigue”
Stewart, Carla – “Sweet Dreams”
Stewart, Carla – “The Hatmaker's Heart”
Swank, Denise Grover – “One Paris Summer” 
Wade, Becky – “Her One and Only”
Weber, Mary –“Storm Siren” {Review from Miss Kristin of 'A Simply Enchanted Life'. Hit the 'Like' button and let's get it to the top of the reviews! *Links in review link to major cussing*}
Witemeyer, Karen – “With This Ring?” (written with R. Jennings, M. Connealy, and M. Jagears.)
White, Roseanna M. – “The Reluctant Duchess”
Williamson, Jill – “Captives”
Y'Barbo, Kathleen – “Anna Finch and the Hired Gun” 

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  1. Another book that should be banned (I rated it 1 star) is Solitary by Travis Thrasher. Here is my review: