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Questions & Answers about the reviewing layout:
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Q.) What exactly is a semi-detailed kiss? What’s the difference between a not-detailed kiss to a barely-above-not-detailed kiss?
A.) You’ll see Not-detailed kisses all the way up to Very-detailed kisses. The best way to describe it is:
   Not-detailed kiss --- “He kissed her.” That’s all that’s said about that kiss, that they kissed.
   Barely-above-not-detailed kiss --- “He kissed her softly.” Using an adjective and therefore being more detailed in the actual kiss.
   Semi-detailed kiss --- “He leaned in to kiss her, pressing his lips against hers.” Or any kiss that last two sentences.
   Detailed kiss --- I won’t write this one out, but it’s when the kiss goes on to a full paragraph (three to five sentences) and causes butterflies in the reader’s stomach.
     Very-detailed kiss --- It’s just uncomfortable for this reader! Blushes and skipping those paragraphs equal a very-detailed kiss.
 Sometimes there will be a border-line kiss. It will be written like: “a border-line barely-above-not-detailed // semi-detailed kiss” in the review, that means it’s hard to rate on the “Kissing Scale” and it's teetering between the two mentioned.

Q.) ‘Dumb’ and ‘Stupid’ aren’t bad words...why do you have them under “Minor cussing”?
A.) It might not be a cuss word, or even a minor cuss word to you, but to some families it’s a huge no-no. Just because it’s not to you, doesn’t mean everyone else feels that way. I personally use ‘shoot’ a lot, being from the south and all, but I really shouldn’t (I’m working on it) as it’s a Minor cuss word or as my family calls them, “by-words”. “They get you by, without saying the actual bad word.”

Q.) What are words counted to be Minor Cussing? What makes a word a minor cuss word?
A.) Good questions! If you can substitute a major cuss word in its place (Or if it’s hurtful to the person it’s aimed at.), that makes it a minor cuss word. 
Words that have been noted in the Negative Content section are: biddy, blasted, blast it, blast it all, blimey, bloody, buck up, crap, crud, dang, dang it, darn, duh, dumb, flippin’, freaking, geez, gosh, heck, holy cow, idiot, moron, ohmigosh, oh my gosh, oh my word, screw, screwed up, sheesh, shoot, shut up (teasing or not), sissy, son of a gun, stinking, stupid, suck, what in blazes, what the--, what the heck, wicked, wimp. 
Name-calling in the sexual sense would be under the Sexual Content.

Q.) What does “mentions of _____(gambling, smoking, etc.) ” mean?
A.) In the Negative Content, when there is a mention of something, say gambling, one of the main P.O.V. characters does not actually do it. But a background character might, and when it’s mentioned “Have you heard? The poor dear’s husband gambled away her fortune.” If an actual P.O.V. character gambles it will say “Luke gambled.” in the review. Same with drinking, smoking, etc.

Q.) What’s a P.O.V. character and what does a secondary or third character mean?
A.) A P.O.V. character (or Point of View character) is someone who is mentioned in name on the back cover of a book. A secondary POV character is someone who’s Point of View we see, but they aren’t mentioned on the back. A third character is everyone else in the book. At least, that’s how it’s always been on here. ;)


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