Friday, July 4, 2014

“China’s Reforming Churches” edited by Bruce P. Baugus

So, I don’t think I’ve ever read & review a Non-fiction book on here before...I’ve done a biography about a model and a devotional for Moms but never a non-fiction. Today will be the first!  
“China’s Reforming Churches” edited by Bruce P. Baugus

About this book:
“China is now home to more evangelical believers than any other nation, and the church continues to grow and make inroads in every level of Chinese society. Such dramatic growth, against the backdrop of modern China, has produced profound and urgent church development needs. As faithful Chinese ministers strive to meet these needs, an increasing number are discovering the rich biblical and theological resources of the Reformed tradition and Presbyterian polity. This is a critical moment in the life of China s reforming churches and the Presbyterian and Reformed mission to China. This book provides both a historical look at Presbyterianism in China and an assessment of the current state of affairs, orienting readers to church development needs and the basic outlines of Reformed Christianity in China today. While laying out the challenges and opportunities facing the church, the authors argue that assisting this reformation in China should be a central objective of the Presbyterian and Reformed mission to China in this generation.”

My thoughts:
For those who don’t know, I’m learning Mandarin. When this book popped up for review I jumped at it! “China’s Reforming Churches” is in four parts; Here’s my thoughts on each part:

Part 1: The History of Presbyterianism in China.
As I posted on Goodreads for a status update: So. Much. History. A good amount went over my head, only unless I was 100% focused on what I’m reading. It was very interesting to read about all the people witnessing in China. 

Part 2: Presbyterianism in China Today.
For some reason, I thought this whole book would be like Part 2…just about China today. So, needless to say this has been my favorite part. (Next to the great map of China in the front! All the major cities and Provinces. So very neat!)    

Part 3: Challenges and Opportunities for Presbyterianism China.
This is the part I’m currently in. While I like it, it does talk about things that are not going well in China…which is hard for me to read. :(

Part 4: Appropriating a Tradition.
Haven’t got to this part yet, but it sure sounds interesting!

 Pre Teens- 
{It would be over heads very much}

New Teens-

Early High School Teens-

Older High School Teens-

My personal Rating-

“China’s Reforming Churches” is 336 pages and I’m currently on 177. Since my review is now posted, I’m going to take my time reading and try to adsorb everything it's talking about. :)

See y'all everyday next week with a review!! :D

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