Wednesday, October 29, 2014

"End of the Trail" by Vickie McDonough

About this book:

  “He won a ranch in a card game. She claims the ranch is her inheritance. He's not leaving--and neither is she.
  Brooks Morgan is quick on the draw, but his weapon of choice is his smile. He’s smart and witty and has charmed his way through much of life, but now that he’s growing older—and a bit wiser. He wants to stop drifting and settle down. He sees his chance when he wins Raven Creek Ranch in a poker game, but when he goes to claim his prize, a pretty woman with a shotgun says the ranch belongs to her. Brooks isn’t leaving his one and only chance to make something of his life—but neither is she. Can they reach an agreement? Or will a greedy neighbor force a showdown, causing them both to lose they want most in life?

Series: Book #6 in the “Texas Trails” series. {Can be stand-alone novels. I have not read any of the others on this series. More about this series:
a six-book series about four generations of the Morgan family living, fighting, and thriving amidst a turbulent Texas history spanning from 1845 to 1896.”}  

Spiritual Content- Praying; Will was a Christian; Church going & sermons are written; Mentions of Scriptures & Scriptures are quoted; Keri believes that God doesn’t care about what happens to her, Lulu tries to tell her differently.

Negative Content- Minor cussing including: a ‘hush’, a ‘sissy’, two ‘darn’s, two ‘idiot’s, five ‘stupid’s, six forms of ‘dumb’; Brooks has to empty messy buckets (barely-above-not-detailed, all that’s mentioned is that it’s foul smelling); There’s a murder (semi-detailed); a man almost gets hanged (semi-detailed); a mention that two men were hanged; Guns are pointed & shot; A card game; Mentions of shooting & killing animals (barely-above-not-detailed).

Sexual Content- a kiss on the check & three semi-detailed kisses; Wanting to kiss; Staring & Noticing (barely-above-not-detailed);  Lulu says that “men like to gawk at women and fantasize about what’s under all those yards of fabric” then adds “And when you wear pants, there’s nothing left to guess about.”; *Spoiler* A bit half-way through the book, it’s relieved that Keri’s mother lived in a brothel and was a prostitute, Grace grave Keri up for her own protection. Brooks wonders if Grace hadn’t if the same thing would have happen to Keri. *End of Spoiler*; Mentions of a brothel (anything really detailed is cut off, but there are hints of what happens late at night there.); Keri was born out of wedlock (barely-above-not-detailed, her parents were only together one night); Love, falling in love & the emotions.

-Keri Langston
-Brooks Morgan
                                        P.O.V. switches between them
                                           Set in 1896 {Prologue set in 1886}
                                                   250 pages

Pre Teens- 

New Teens- 
(and a half)

Early High School Teens-

Older High School Teens- 
(and a half)

My personal Rating- 
(and a half)

While I was eagerly waiting the scene where the heroine points a gun at the hero (don’t ask me why but I just really like those kinds of scenes, I’ll explain more in a week or so. ;) ), I had to lower ratings because of the hangings & Sexual parts.

See y’all on Friday with a new review!

*BFCG may (Read the review to see) recommend this book by this author. It does not mean I recommend all the books by this author.
*I received this book for free from the Publisher (Moody Publishers) for this review.

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