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"The Lost Heiress" by Roseanna M. White

About this book:

  “Brook Eden has never known where she truly belongs. Though raised in the palace of Monaco, she’s British by birth and was brought to the Grimaldis under suspicious circumstances as a babe. When Brook’s friend Justin uncovers the fact that Brook is likely a missing heiress from Yorkshire, Brook leaves the sun of the Mediterranean to travel to the moors of the North Sea to the estate of her supposed family.
  The mystery of her mother’s death haunts her, and though her father is quick to accept her, the rest of the family and the servants of Whitby Park are not. Only when Brook’s life is threatened do they draw close—but their loyalty may come too late to save Brook from the same threat that led to tragedy for her mother.
  As heir to a dukedom, Justin is no stranger to balancing responsibilities. When the matters of his estate force him far from Brook, the distance between them reveals that what began as friendship has grown into something much more. But how can their very different loyalties and responsibilities ever come together?
  And then, for a second time, the heiress of Whitby Park is stolen away because of the very rare treasure in her possession—and this time only the servants of Whitby can save her.”

Series: Book #1 in the “Ladies of the Manor” series.

Spiritual Content- Many Prayers; Bible reading & talks about Bible reading; Talks about curses & the Lord; Talks about God, forgiveness, & trust; ‘H’s are capital when referring to God; Many, many Scriptures are mentioned & remembered; Mentions of faiths; Mentions of Church going; Mentions of Prayers & the Lord; Mentions of Bible reading;
*Note: a ‘godforsaken’, a ‘how the devil’, two ‘why the devil’s; Mentions of the devil (a man and a horse are called one); Many mentions and stories of curses & angry gods.

Negative Content- Minor cussing including: a ‘buck up’, a ‘dumb’, two ‘by thunder’, two ‘deuces’s, two forms of ‘drat’, two ‘what/who in blazes’; three ‘shut up’s, six ‘idiot’s, eight forms of ‘blast’, 18 ‘stupid’s; Mentions of curses said but not written; A bit of sarcasm; Pain, Blood, Guns & Slapping (semi-detailed); Reading & Nightmares from Dracula; Justin’s father loves to gamble; A mention of slitting someone’s throat; Mentions of wine; Mentions of casinos, drinking & gambling; Mentions of drunks & pubs; Mentions of blood & violence; Many mentions of killing & murder.

Sexual Content- Hand kisses, two head kisses, ten barely-above-not-detailed kisses, four semi-detailed kisses, four forced semi-detailed kisses, a boarder-line semi-detailed //detailed kiss, and a detailed kiss; Brotherly & Welcoming kisses; Remembering a kiss (barely-above-not-detailed); Wanting to kiss; Touches & grabs (up to semi-detailed); Noticing (x2); Flirting; Pratt gazes & leers at women; Brook thinks/thought she was an illegitimate daughter; A jerk wants to sleep with Deirde, but she doesn’t want to (and they don’t); A jerk forces himself on Deirde & plants a hard kiss on her (semi-detailed); *Spoiler* Pratt wants Deirde’s obedience and her threats her family if she doesn’t do what he says, whether or not that includes sleeping with him is hinted at *End of Spoiler*; A mention of a man in a woman’s bed; A mention of dismissing a servant who was caught alone with a village boy; Mentions of having a mistresses (Justin says he will not have one); Mentions of women as playthings; Mentions of affairs & rumored affairs; Mentions of illegitimate children; Mentions of men getting women with children; *Spoiler* Justin’s Uncle raped Justin’s mother, which resulted in Justin. *End of Spoiler*; A mentions of a honeymoon; Love, falling in love & the emotions;
                 *Note: A mention of a girl’s figure; Mentions of breeding horses.

-Brook Eden, age 18
-Justin Wildon, age 25
                                P.O.V. switches between them, & Deirde
                                              Set in 1910-1911
                                                        439 pages

Pre Teens-

New Teens-

Early High School Teens-

Older High School Teens-

My personal Rating-

Oh. I really should give “The Lost Heiress” a 3.5 star rating…but oh. I so enjoyed it. I really like Lost Princess stories (the Barbie movie was my favorite when I was little), so I had high hopes for this one. The outward appearance of the novel is quite beautiful, especially the spine and back cover. At first, I was overwhelmed with the Character List at the beginning, but by 50 pages in, I had who’s who. Some parts reminded me of “Echoes of Mercy” by Kim Vogel Sawyer, a favorite 4-star of mine. This one didn’t have the villian’s POV, though, which was nice. I really ought to give a bit of a lower rating due to the kisses & Pratt, but since it’s been so long since I really truly enjoyed a historical novel! And ohmygoodness, Brook has to be one of the best heroines I’ve read all year. “The Lost Heiress” was very well written, with humor (I laughed many times), drama, love & Faith.

See y’all on Wednesday with a new review!

*BFCG may (Read the review to see) recommend this book by this author. It does not mean I recommend all the books by this author.
*I received this book for free from the Publisher (Bethany House Publishers) for this review.

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