Monday, January 11, 2016

"Mandie and The Hidden Treasure" by Lois Gladys Leppard

About this book:

  “Mandie and her friends are off searching for an illusive treasure hidden somewhere in history.”

Series: Book #9 in “Mandie” series. (To read the reviews of the previous books in this series, click the number to be taken to that review: #1! #2! #3! #4! #5! #6! #7! #8!) {There also is the “Young Mandie Mystery” series, (Book #1 review Here and Book #2 review Here!) but they do not connect together well}

Spiritual Content- Luke 12:48 at the beginning; Prayers; A couple Scriptures are quoted and prayed; Uncle Ned refers to Heaven as “happy hunting ground”; Mentions of Church going; Mentions of what the Bible says.

Negative Content- Minor cussing including: a ‘dumb’, two ‘dad-blame’s; A mention of an order that a pony should be shot (it wasn’t); Mentions of drinking, drunks & spirits; Mention of spankings & whippings; Mentions of a young girl who died (barely-above-not-detailed); Mentions of a couple who died in a fire (barely-above-not-detailed).

Sexual Content- Mentions of crushes; Mentions of Joe & Mandie marrying when they’re older; Many mentions of making eyes at someone & a wife being kicked out.

-Amanda “Mandie” Shaw, age 12
                                             P.O.V. of (mostly) Mandie
                                         Set in 1900
                              159 pages (also available in a collection with four other Mandie books.)

Pre Teens-
New Teens-
Early High School Teens-
Older High School Teens-
My personal Rating-
{Ratings are lowered as ages get higher due to the simple plot.}
This one seems better written then the past Mandie books. Great ending to start the next book! :)

*See my thought on this series versus the younger series, Here!

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