Wednesday, February 10, 2016

"Mystery Rider" by Miralee Ferrell

About this book:

  “In the third installment in the Horses and Friends series, thirteen-year-old Kate Ferris already has one problem. Snooty, well-to-do Melissa is boarding her horse at Kate’s family stable. When Melissa suddenly turns nice, Kate is shocked ... and suspicious.
  The last thing she needs is more trouble. So when a hooded rider appears—and then disappears—on a stunning black horse outside her home, Kate isn’t sure if Melissa is playing a trick or something more dangerous is going on. Either way, Kate and her friends will need an extra measure of faith and courage to solve this mystery.”

Series: Book #3 in the “Horses and Friends” series. (Review of Book #1 Here! and Book #2 Here!)

Spiritual Content- A Scripture is quoted; Witnessing; Talks about God, Jesus & being Christians; ‘H’s are capital when referring to God; Mentions of prayers & praying; A few mentions of church & pastors;
*Note: A few mentions that Melissa’s mom is looking at different religions & says that reincarnation might be true; A mention that a woman is (believed to be) a witch and her house is haunted (which is not true).

Negative Content- Minor cussing including: a ‘dumb’, three ‘sheesh’s and three ‘stupid’s; A bit of sarcasm & eye rolling; Melissa used to be snooty, but is trying to be nice to Kate and her friends (Kate is very suspicious at first. Many mentions of Melissa’s past attitude); Mentions of lying & with holding the whole truth; Mentions of being shot at & a riffle pointed (nothing actually happens, though); Mentions of burying, a dog is hit by a car, & graves (up to semi-detailed); A few mentions of horse waste; A couple mentions of a rumored murderer (not true); A couple mentions of wine & drinking; A story of a drunk driving accident and those who were hurt & killed (up to semi-detailed).

Sexual Content- A couple mentions that Kate and her friends don’t care about boys, just horses.

-Kate Ferris, 13
                                         P.O.V. of Kate
                                                        205 pages

Pre Teens-
New Teens-
Early High School Teens- 
Older High School Teens-
My personal Rating-
I think this might have been my favorite one in this series yet! Lots of Spiritual Content including quite a bit of witnessing to Melissa. This book, “Mystery Rider”, had just that—a mystery and story-line that can pull in girls of all ages. ;)

See y’all on Friday with a new review!

*BFCG may (Read the review to see) recommend this book by this author. It does not mean I recommend all the books by this author.
*I received this book for free from the Publisher (David C. Cook) for this honest review.

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