Monday, July 11, 2016

"Sketchy Behavior" by Erynn Mangum

About this book:

  “Drawing Conclusions or Drafting Disaster?
  Other than harboring a somewhat obsessive fondness for Crispix and completely swearing-off boys after a bad date (don’t ask), sixteen-year-old Kate Carter is about as ordinary as they come, except for her two notable talents: art and sarcasm. After an introduction to forensic sketching in her elective art class, Kate discovers a third and most unexpected gift: criminal profiling. Her photo-quality sketch helps the police catch a wanted murderer and earns her celebrity status in South Woodhaven Falls. But when that murderer appears to be using his friends to exact revenge, Kate goes from local hero to possible target. Will she manage to survive? Will life ever be normal again? And will local news anchor Ted Deffle ever stop sending her flowers?”

Series: No.

Spiritual Content- A couple Prayers; A few Scriptures are read & mentioned; Bible reading; Church going and Hymns & Songs; Talks about God, His plan & Heaven; Some ‘H’s are capital when referring to God; Kate’s parents aren’t religious (but they try to be spiritual), so she doesn’t know what to believe about God; Kate asks many questions & is truly curious; Kate’s father doesn’t believe Heaven is real, her mom believes it’s a state of mind; Kate’s dad mumbles a couple prayers over food; Mentions of a Christian camp, Bible reading & books for the Bible; Mentions of church;
*Note: A mention of a cult; A mention of a caveman.

Negative Content- Minor cussing including: a ‘duh’, a ‘heck’, a ‘holy cow’, a ‘how in the blazes’, an ‘idiot’, a ‘wimp’, two ‘sheesh’s, three ‘gosh’s, three forms of ‘stupid’, five ‘dumb’s, seven ‘oh my gosh’s; Kate’s mom says “Crumbs!” as her curse word; A couple mentions of words that can’t be repeated; Pain & Guns are aimed (up to semi-detailed); Many, many mentions of blood, being shot at & injuries (up to semi-detailed); Many mentions of murderers, murders, crimes & jail (barely-above-not-detailed); Mentions of nightmares & screaming (including a nightmare about almost being made into meatloaf, up to semi-detailed); Mentions of suicide & thoughts; A couple mentions of throwing up; A couple mentions of drinking, drunks & driving; A mention of club.

Sexual Content- Mentions of blushes, cute boys, boys, dating, bad dates & break ups; A couple mentions of eating disorders; A mention of teenage hormones; A mention of an actor who goes shirtless too much (Kate isn’t a fan); A mention of an article about men cheating on their wives; A mention of reproducing;
              *Note: A mention of the short-shorts men wore in the 80s; A mention of guys’ pants being lose in the legs & rear (Kate’s dad thinks that’s how they should be).

-Kate Carter, age 16
                                         1st person P.O.V. of Sam
                                                        214 pages

Pre Teens-
New Teens-
Early High School Teens-
Older High School Teens-
My personal Rating-
Okay, that was excellent. At least in my opinion. ;) Yet another great Erynn Mangum book. When reading “Sketchy Behavior”, I’m sure I laughed even harder than most with all the local news & politician parts (my family is very political). I’m sure that if I knew Kate in real life, we would be friends because honestly? I love sarcasm & Kate is just great. I’m very disappointed that this is just a stand-alone though! I want more! I love that Kate was very curious about God & asking questions. When I don’t even try to predict what will happen in a book, I know I’m completely absorbed into the story and that’s exactly how it was with this YA book. :)

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  1. I ordered this book and I'm so excited to get it!!! This is my most anticipated book on my T.B.R. :)