Friday, January 13, 2017

"Love Finds You in Daisy, Oklahoma" by Janice Hanna

About this book:

  “Love blooms in unlikely places.
  1912. Two years after a tornado left many children homeless, the town of Daisy, Oklahoma, needs help with its orphanage. Enter Rena Jewel, 38 years old and still single, who longs to do something important with her life. A lover of flowers, Rena believes the letter from Daisy to be a sign from the Lord, and she promises to help.
  Sheriff Gene Wyatt is a widowed father struggling to control 17 unruly orphans—and to keep his own two boys from burning down the town. So when he receives word that help is on the way, Gene rejoices. Until he meets Rena, that is—a genteel and far-too-pretty woman whom he assumes is not up to the challenge. And after meeting the children, Rena begins to agree with him! At her wits' end, she helps the children plant a garden and slowly earns their respect and obedience. The new orphanage director arrives just as the garden begins to bloom, and Rena must decide whether she can leave the town, the children, and the man she's come to love.”

Series: Part of the “Love Finds You” series. (Not connecting to any other books.) 

Spiritual Content- Scriptures are mentioned, quoted, read, talked about & referenced; Prayers; Church going; Many Talks about God, His plans, being rooted in Him & God being our Father; ‘H’s are capital when referring to God; Many mentions of God; Mentions of prayers & thanking God; Mentions of Bibles & verses; Mentions of a mission board, reverends, church going, Sunday School, hymns & sermons; Mentions of godsends & blessings; Mentions of God’s goodness; Mentions of Christmas; Mentions of sins; A few mentions of asking forgiveness from God; A few mentions of those in the Bible; A couple mentions of Heaven; A couple mentions of miracles; A mention of a baptism;
*Note: A mention of a Greek god; Mentions of little devils & acting devilish.

Negative Content- Minor cussing including: a ‘dag-nabbit’, a form of ‘darn’, a ‘heck’, a ‘shut up’, a ‘sissy’, a ‘stinkin’’, two ‘dumb’s, two ‘stupid’s and three ‘shoot’s; A few mentions of curses & a bar of soap (said, not written); Mentions of eye rolling; Mentions of a fire, a tornado & deaths; Mentions of robbers, a robbery, criminals & crimes; Mentions of liquor, a tavern, drinking & drinkers; Mentions of chewing tobacco; Mentions of fighting & injuries; Mentions of spanking & switches; Mentions of jealousy; Mentions of lying; Mentions of gossip & rumors; A few mentions of hangings; A few mentions of mean names aimed at a little girl for wetting the bed; A few mentions of throwing up; A couple mentions of dead critters & the smell; A couple mentions of nightmares; A mention of a dead body; A mention of a cigar.

Sexual Content- two cheek kisses, a not-detailed kiss, two barely-above-not-detailed kisses, & three semi-detailed kisses; Touches, Nearness & Hand Holding (up to semi-detailed); Noticing & Smelling; Mentions of touches, blushes, attraction & being smitten; Mentions of love letters & romance stories; Mentions of flirting & winks; A couple mentions swooning; A couple mentions of hand kisses; Love, falling in love & the emotions;
            *Note: A couple mentions of the female sex (a young girl is horrified/shocked they said ‘sex’); A few mentions of young boys swimming naked & their birthday suits; A few mentions of unmentionables; A few mentions of a woman’s figure.

-Rena Jewel, age 38
-Gene Wyatt
                                     P.O.V. switches between them
                                            Set in 1912-1913
                                                 311 pages

Pre Teens-
New Teens-
Early High School Teens-
Older High School Teens-
My personal Rating-
One word to describe this book? PRECIOUS! Absolutely precious! Not only was the plot so sweet & had it’s funny moments, there was lots of Spiritual Content that was so wonderful! The second-hand embarrassment from these characters were so high, y’all! I would flush right with Rena, poor thing! Hahaha! I adore that ending and I’m pretty sure it’s in my top five favorite endings list because it went on a bit further than most “romance” books. All in all, Janice Hanna Thompson did it again and I’m so excited that I finally got to read this novel by her! :)

See y’all on Monday with a new review!

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  1. This sounds like a good book! I might have to see if the library has it. :)
    By the way, I'm really enjoying your YouTube book videos, Lindsey! :D

    1. Aww! Thanks so much, Rebekah! :)
      Have a wonderfully Blessed week!
      ~Lindsey Z.
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