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"The Coronation" by Livy Jarmusch

About this book:

  “Prince Addison is only several weeks away from inheriting the Kingdom of Tarsurella. The entire Palace is ablaze with excitement, as the Royal Family prepares for the event of a lifetime. Despite the exciting event which is near at hand, Addison and his younger siblings (all seven of them!) must carry on with their daily activities.
  Addison’s sisters, Princesses Bridget, Chasity, and Hope, have their struggles with being iconic European starlets of a modern day monarchy. The teen heiresses grace magazine covers, smile for photoshoots, and gracefully glide through important interviews–until a certain American popstar arrives on the scene. Kennetic Energy, the wildly popular band from the United States, is chosen to play at Addison’s Coronation. David Carter, the band’s handsome lead singer, fumbles through awkward moments with Princess Hope–in front of the cameras. When an embarrassing rumor sparks that Princess Hope is dating the young fellow, she is determined to get the band fired from their Royal gig.
  Meanwhile, Princess Chasity is dealing with her own fragile affairs of the heart. Her new security guard, Hanson Fletcher, is completely captivating, yet entirely frustrating. She attempts to keep the entrance of her heart firmly protected, while following the wisdom of Proverbs 4:23. But can she be successful in guarding her heart, from her security guard?”

Series: Book #1 in “The Tales of Tarsurella” series.  

Spiritual Content- Strong faiths are shown in this novel; Many Scriptures are mentioned, read, quoted, & talked about; Many Prayers, Thanking God, & Blessings over food; Being witnessed to; Many, many talks about God, His plans, trusting Him, God-given potential/talent, & the Bible; ‘H’s are capital when referring to God; Many, many mentions of God & trusting Him; Many mentions of talks about God; Many mentions of prayers, praying, & blessings over food; Mentions of God’ presence & peace; Mentions of Bibles, Bible reading, & convictions; Mentions of those, events, & places in the Bible; Mentions of witnessing & being witnessed to; Mentions of churches & church going; Mentions of faiths; Mentions of Heaven; Mentions of a Bible study & a youth group; Mentions of forgiveness & a Bible study on it; Mentions of being blessed & blessings; A few mentions of thanking God; A few mentions of Christians; A few mentions of Corrie ten Boom & Mother Teresa; A few mentions of miracles; A few mentions of sins; A couple mentions of hymns; A couple mentions of Christmases; A couple mentions of an angel;
*Note: A ‘hellish’; Mentions of Allah and a terrorist wanting everyone to serve Allah; Mentions of evil people; A mention of a living hell.  

Negative Content- Minor cussing including: a form of ‘blah, blah, blah’, a ‘dope’, a ‘honkin’’, a ‘moron’, a ‘shut up’, a ‘suck’, a ‘what the heck’, two ‘duh’s, three ‘heck’s, six ‘oh my gosh’s, and fourteen forms of ‘stupid’; Sarcasm, eye rolling, & sibling bicker; A Terrorist attack, being held at gunpoint, gunshots, bullets, being held hostage, hostages, being beaten/hit, pain, injuries, blood, & screams (up to semi-detailed); Being hit/beaten, being shot at, injuries, & pain (semi-detailed); Fighting & pain (up to semi-detailed); Many mentions of terrorists, warlords, attacks, their plans, hostages, & criminals; Mentions of possible assassinations & being shot and killed, & threats of both; Mentions of being shot, pain, injuries, fighting, & hitmen (up to semi-detailed); Mentions of murders, gunshots, seeing people shot, & dead bodies (barely-above-not-detailed); Mentions of wars, terrorists, hostages, beatings, torture, injuries, & pain; Mentions of a boy’s step-father beating his mother and nearly killing him (barely-above-not-detailed); Mentions of being slapped; Mentions of threats & blackmail; Mentions of nightmares & possible terrorist attacks; Mentions of hatred & betrayal; Mentions of a cougar trying to attack a horse & a guard shooting it (barely-above-not-detailed); Mentions of being thrown from a horse, pain, & injuries (barely-above-not-detailed); Mentions of prison & juvenile detention centers; Mentions of thieves & stealing; Mentions of alcohol, drinking, smoking, & partying; Mentions of lying & lies; Mentions of gossip & rumors; Mentions of jealousy; A few mentions of wine & drinking some with meals; A couple mentions of starving to death; A couple mentions of throwing up; A couple mentions of people swearing like sailors; A mention of a guy willing to have a bullet shot though his brain for a girl; A mention of drugs; A mention of graffiti; A mention of a hunter;
*Note: Mentions of homelessness & poverty; Mentions of acne; Mentions of movies (Lord of the Rings, A Walk to Remember, National Velvet, The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants, The Sound of Music, Star Wars, The Lion King, Mulan, Up, High School Musical, Princess Diaries, Ramona and Beezus, & Curious George); Mentions of TV shows (The Brandy Bunch, The Dating Game, Say Yes To The Dress, & Phineas and Ferb); Mentions of fictional characters & Disney characters; Mentions of cereal brand names; Mentions of brands (Ferrari, Forever21, Converse, & Aeropostale); A few mentions of iTunes, iPhones, iPads, & iPods; A few mentions of going to & being at Starbucks; A couple mentions of Girl Scouts; A couple mentions of magazines (Elle & Popstar); A mention of Disney Channel Movies; A mention of MTV; A mention of V8 drinks; A mention of a horror movie; A mention of aliens.

Sexual Content- an almost kiss; Remembering and mentions of an almost kiss; Wanting to kiss; Nearness & Touches (barely-above-not-detailed); Noticing (x7, barely-above-not-detailed); a ‘bae’, a ‘hot’, four ‘baby’s, and four ‘hunky’s, Many, many mentions of boyfriends, girlfriends, couples, dating/courting, dates, breakups, exes, heartbreak, & falling in love; Mentions of an ex-boyfriend who tried to pressure the girl into a kiss and possibly more; Mentions of temptations to kiss, wanting to kiss, kisses, & kissing; Mentions of a terrorist trying to touch a woman he wants to be his wife (doesn’t happen); Mentions of flirts & flirting; Mentions of noticing, smelling, fangirls, & swooning; Mentions of cute & handsome guys and heartthrobs; Mentions of crushes & being interested in someone; Mentions of a young girl discovering/finding a guy to be cute; Mentions of jealousy; A few mentions of a girl faithfulness and always with different men; A few mentions of hooking up with someone & being at item; A few mentions of a promise of purity; A few mentions of blushes; A mention of girls being whistled at;
            *Note: Mentions of a mother who died during childbirth; Mentions of a young boy running around in just his boxers; A couple mentions of hormones; A mention of a girl’s dress that hugs her in all the right places; A mention of butting into someone’s life.

-(Prince) Addison, age 20
-Hanson Fletcher, age 18
-(Princess) Bridget, age 19
-(Princess) Chasity, age 18
-Vanessa Bennet
                                      P.O.V. of switches between them & many others
                                                        460 pages

Pre Teens-

New Teens-

Early High School Teens-

Older High School Teens-

My personal Rating-

When I first found out this book was featuring a royal family, my interest was highly peaked. Shortly after, I found out the book was 460 long and became slightly intimidated. That’s a big book, y’all.
Starting to read this book, I did feel a bit overwhelmed with the Q&As with facts about the eight children in the royal family. Fortunately, as I continued reading the story, they all stood apart from each other—a talented feat by the author—and I was able to keep track of who’s who.
The first half I was really getting a Princess Diaries (the movies, that is) feel. Then some crazy stuff happened and it took kind of a 160. Not a complete 180-degree change, but some pretty dramatic stuff happened.
Writing wise, I was pretty impressed with the style and how everything was written. There were a few characters that went a bit over the top at times and then would mellow out; and also some head jumping, but for all the characters we see the P.O.V.s of, it was well done.
Overall, I enjoyed this novel. It was very large in size, but I so enjoyed all the strong faiths and prayers. I am very much looking forward to the second book. :)

See y’all on Wednesday with a new review!

*BFCG may (Read the review to see) recommend this book by this author. It does not mean I recommend all the books by this author.
*I received this book for free from the Author for this honest review.

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