Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Interview with Lynette Eason

Today is the release day for yesterday’s reviewed book, “Chasing Secrets” by Lynette Eason! Because of that reason, we’re having an interview with the super sweet author!

BFCG: Hi Miss Lynette! We’re so happy to have you on ‘Books for Christian Girls’ today! Thank you so much for letting us interview you! Let’s start this off by asking if you could please tell us about the girls of the Elite Guardian series and what they do in your own words.

LE: Hi BFCG! Thank you so much for having me. It’s always a pleasure to talk books and writing. J The Elite Guardian series comprises four friends who met at an all female bodyguard agency. With diverse backgrounds, they nevertheless, found each other and in doing so, became one another’s support system. Olivia Edwards is the head of the Elite Guardians agency—or at least the agency was her idea—but the other three, Katie, Maddy, and Haley, all became equal partners at some point before the series begins. They’re bodyguards and they protect their clients—sometimes whether the client likes it or not!

BFCG: I’ve loved reading about these tough girls, their families, & what motivates them! It’s been so fascinating! Would you ever want to be a bodyguard? 

LE: Me?? Absolutely not! I’m the biggest chicken in the world! It’s easy to write that stuff, but I sure don’t want to live it.

BFCG: Chasing Secrets is full of bullets, bombs, and bad guys. What is the key to capturing the adrenaline of those moments on paper? 

LE: When I write, it’s almost like I’m transcribing a movie that’s playing out in my head. When the words spill out onto the computer screen, I guess that high-intensity comes across. Which is really cool.

BFCG: When your readers are in a funk over reading the last book of this awesome series (I already am!), which of your other books do you suggest we read next?

LE: Aw…so sorry for the funk…and yet glad for it, too! LOL. It means I did my job! I would say: Start the next series! The Blue Justice series starts releasing at the beginning of 2018 and I think you’ll love the St. John family just as much as the Elite Guardians.

BFCG: This blog is based on the verse Philippians 4:8 {“…whatever is true, whatever is honorable, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is of good repute, if there is any excellence and if anything worthy of praise, dwell on these things.”}. Is there a part of that Scripture that stands out to you?

LE: “…dwell on these things.” I think that’s so important. Sure, I write about crime and bad guys and have some violence in my stories, but ultimately, the stories area about searching for truth, portraying honorable characters who fight for what is right. They believe in protecting innocence and purity, and so on. God is in the stories…and He is the one the characters understand they need to rely on and trust in times of trouble. :) I love writing those kinds of stories!

I love that last answer! It’s so very true! Thank you so much, Miss Lynette, for joining us today on BFCG!

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