Friday, November 3, 2017

"Dandelion Dust" by Faith L. Potts

About this book:

  “Like a speck of dandelion dust riding the tides of a prairie wind, life is fleeting. Though I never realized just how fragile it was until that day . . .
  Charity always had a dream. It was simple, really. Find a guy, fall in love, and get married.
The day she met Ryder, Charity knew he was the man God had chosen for her. But she never expected their relationship to be tested and tried through the fires of a freak accident. Suddenly, her world is thrown into chaos, and the bleak, white walls and sterile smells of a city hospital fill every spare minute. And then there comes the dreaded news. It was likely Ryder would never make it out of the hospital bed.
  As her carefully laid plans for the future come crashing down around her and the sun seems to set on her dreams, can Charity still find hope in the dark of night?
  Like a dandelion, life is beautiful. But treasure every moment. . . . for one day, the flower will be gone.”

Series: As of now, no.

Spiritual Content- Scriptures are read; Many, many Prayers & thanking God; Many talks about God, trusting Him, peace,  prayers; ‘H’s are capital when referring to God; Many mentions of God, trusting Him, His will, & peace; Mentions of prayers, praying, & blessings over food; Mentions of Bibles, Bible reading, & a events and those in the Bible; Mentions of the first Christmas; Mentions of churches, church going, pastors/reverends, a youth group, & a mission trip; Mentions of miracles; Mentions of angels; A few mentions of thanking God; A few mentions of witnessing; A few mentions of faiths; A couple mentions of Heaven; A couple mentions of blessings; A mention of Sunday School.

Negative Content- Minor cussing including: a ‘confounded’, a ‘dumb’, an ‘idiot’, and a ‘stupid’; Some eye rolling & sarcasm; Nightmares (up to semi-detailed); All about mentions of an accident, injuries, blood/bleeding, surgeries, & someone almost dying (up to semi-detailed); Mentions of deaths & illnesses (barely-above-not-detailed); A few mentions of lies & lying; A couple mentions of thieves & being robbed; A couple mentions of jealousy;
             *Note: A few mentions of & going to Starbucks.

Sexual Content- six cheek kisses and five forehead kisses; Touches, Embraces, & Blushes (barely-above-not-detailed); Noticing; Mentions of cheek kisses & kissing; Mentions of dates, dating, boyfriends, & girlfriends; A few mentions of touches (barely-above-not-detailed); A couple mentions of flirting & winks; A couple mentions of chaperones; A couple mentions of jealousy; Some love, being in love, & the emotions.

-Charity Grace Lanning, age 19
                                1st person P.O.V. of Charity
                                                        191 pages

Pre Teens-

New Teens-

Early High School Teens-

Older High School Teens-

My personal Rating-

Oh, wow.
Since I don’t know where to start, how about all the faith content? Oh, it was so lovely and inspiring and so refreshing to read all the prayers and talks and thoughts! I’m doing many happy sighs over here.
I was so pulled into this book by the sweet romance so quickly and felt like I was feeling everything with Charity. I got a little bit of anxiety with/for Charity at times, but I loved how everything worked out.
Also? I may? have? teared? up? a few times??
*sniffs* What is this liquid falling from my eyes? {You know what really got me though? Ryder’s dog and her reactions. I’m crying a river over here.}
Ryder and I are also birthday buddies, so I liked that. It’s a really good day to have a birthday. ;)
So, you know what? “Dandelion Dust” is going down as one of my favorite books of 2017. All I really can do is a happy sigh. :)

See y’all on Monday with a new review!

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*I received this book for free from the author for this honest review.

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