Monday, June 18, 2018

"Written in Love" by Kathleen Fuller

About this book:

  “Jalon Chupp has a past he isn’t proud to claim. He’s worked hard to overcome his youthful mistakes, and he has recommitted himself to his faith. When he receives a sweet note included in a piece of misdirected mail, he can’t help but write back. Soon, the letters he receives from Phoebe are the highlights of his days, and with a hopeful heart, he suggests they meet in person.
  Phoebe, too, looks forward to every single one of Jalon’s letters. Living with her overbearing aunt, Phoebe doesn’t have too much to look forward to. But when Jalon suggests they meet, she panics—although she has shared some of the deepest longings of her heart with him, she hasn’t been entirely truthful about her past. But when Jalon shows up at her aunt’s doorstep, everything is revealed. And she can only pray he’ll forgive her for holding back the truth.
   In order to reach beyond the errors of their pasts, both Phoebe and Jalon must put their faith in something—or Someone—bigger than either of them could pen.”

Series: Book #1 in the “Amish Letters” series.

Spiritual Content- A few Scriptures are mentioned, quoted, & remembered; Prayers & Thanking God; Church going; Many mentions of God, His plans, & forgiveness; Mentions of prayers, praying, & blessings over food; Mentions of churches, church going, services, worship, sermons, & bishops/ministers; Mentions of Christmas; Mentions of Amish beliefs & faiths; Mentions of sins & confessing; A few mentions of Bibles & those in the Bible; A few mentions of miracles; A couple mentions of Christian duties; A couple mentions of godly people & godliness; A couple mentions of hymns; A mention of Godspeed; A mention of being blessed;
             *Note: A mention of a demonic power.

Negative Content- Minor cussing including: a ‘wimp’, two ‘idiot’s, three forms of ‘shut up’, and three ‘stupid’s; A bit of sarcasm & eye rolling; Jalon gets an urge to drink again (but he does not); Many mentions of alcohol, drinking, hangovers, sobriety, alcoholics (Jalon’s past), & an accident (barely-above-not-detailed); Mentions of parties & drinking; Mentions of lies & lying; Mentions of rumors & gossip; Mentions of a little boy being punished & locked-in a room; A few mentions of threats; A few mentions of hatred; A few mentions of stealing; A couple mentions of a child being slapped by his father; A couple mentions of animal waste; A mention of a spanking.

Sexual Content- two barely-above-not-detailed kisses and a semi-detailed kiss; Wanting to kiss & touch (barely-above-not-detailed); Touches (barely-above-not-detailed); Noticing & Smelling (barely-above-not-detailed); *Spoiler* Phoebe is an unwed mother out of wedlock (they were drinking/slept together and then the son was born nine month later is all that’s said) & gets a lot of hate/flak about it from her aunt and a bishop *End of Spoiler*; Mentions of crushes; A few mentions of affairs & a conception; A few mentions of chaperones & temptation; A couple mentions of jealousy; A couple mentions of blushes; A mention of a wife sitting on his husband’s lap; Love, falling in love, & the emotions.

-Phoebe Bontrager, age 23
-Jalon Chupp, age 25
                                P.O.V. switches between them & Adam
                                                        325 pages

Pre Teens-
New Teens-
Early High School Teens-
Older High School Teens-
My personal Rating-
While not my favorite Amish story, this one was good and had some Spiritual Content that was nice to see. The ending did seem a bit rushed, but I liked how it all worked out. The letters at the beginning was so fun and I feel like that gave us a taste of the main two characters personalities before seeing their POVs. Phoebe was a neat character and I liked her bubbliness. I probably won’t continue this series due to time commitments, but this one was pretty clean so that was nice.

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*I received this book for free from the Publisher (Thomas Nelson) for this honest review.

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