Wednesday, July 4, 2018

"Cross My Heart" by Carol Cox

About this book:

  “Violet Canfield has a tender heart. Growing up, she cared for a constant stream of orphaned animals. Now, when three orphaned children show up on her doorstep, it's second nature to protect the kids from the wild-eyed man chasing them. Raised in the shadow of strong men, Willie Bradley believes it's time to prove his own worth. But his new job - delivering three mischievous children to their guardian in Airzona Territory - may be too much for him. When the trio slip away from him and take refuge at Violet's farm, he must not only try to locate their missing guardian but persuade Violet he's trustworthy as well. Can Violet and Willie get past their first impressions and discover each other's true character? What does God have planned in their "chance meeting"?”

Series: Book #4 in the “Sagebrush Brides” series. (The other books have not been reviewed.)

Spiritual Content- A few Scriptures are quoted & mentioned; Prayers; Witnessing to young children; Talks about God, Jesus, & Heaven; ‘H’s are capital when referring to God; Mentions of God; Mentions of prayers & praying; Mentions of those & events in the Bible; Mentions of faiths & Christ-likeness; Mentions of Heaven, angels, & salvation; Mentions of blessings; Mentions of sins; A few mentions of a minister; A couple mentions of thanking God; A couple mentions of Bibles.

Negative Content- Minor cussing including: a ‘stupid’ and three ‘idiot’s; A bit of sarcasm; Pain & Injuries (up to semi-detailed); Mentions of pain, injuries, & bleeding; Mentions of lies & lying; Mentions of animal waste; A few mentions of an accident & death; A couple mentions of a gambler; A couple mentions of jealousy; A mention of debauchery.

Sexual Content- two boarder-line barely-above-not-detailed // semi-detailed kiss; Remembering a kiss & embraces (barely-above-not-detailed); Touches, Embraces, & Warmth (barely-above-not-detailed); Noticing & Smelling; A few mentions of a forehead kiss; A few mentions of nearness & smelling; A few mentions of chaperones & reputations; A couple mentions of blushes & staring; Love, falling in love, & the emotions.

-Violet Canfield
-Willie Bradley, age 21
                                P.O.V. switches between them
                                               Set in 1885
                                                        176 pages

Pre Teens-
New Teens-
Early High School Teens-
Older High School Teens-
My personal Rating-
This was a really sweet and easy read! Lots of faith content and children antics. There was a few parts or words that didn’t seem like they would be historically accurate, but it was overall a cute read.

See y’all on Friday with a new review!

*BFCG may (Read the review to see) recommend this book by this author. It does not mean I recommend all the books by this author.

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