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"Yours Truly, Thomas" by Rachel Fordham

About this book:

  “For three years, Penny Ercanbeck has been opening other people's mail. Dead ends are a reality for clerks at the Dead Letter Office. Still she dreams of something more--a bit of intrigue, a taste of romance, or at least a touch less loneliness. When a letter from a brokenhearted man to his one true love falls into her hands, Penny seizes this chance to do something heroic. It becomes her mission to place this lost letter into the hands of its intended recipient.
  Thomas left his former life with no intention of ending up in Azure Springs, Iowa. He certainly didn't expect a happy ending after what he had done. All he wanted to do was run and never look back. In a moment of desperation, he began to write, never really expecting a reply.
  When Penny's undertaking leads her to the intriguing man who touched her soul with his words, everything grows more complicated. She wants to find the rightful owner of the letter and yet she finds herself caring--perhaps too much--for the one who wrote it.”

Series: Connected to “The Hope of Azure Springs”.

Spiritual Content- A couple Scriptures are read; Talks about God; ‘H’s are not capitalized when referring to God; Mentions of God; Mentions of prayers & praying; Mentions of Bibles & Bible reading; Mentions of blessings; A few of churches & clergymen; A few mentions of sins;
             *Note: A few mentions of evil men.

Negative Content- Minor cussing including: two ‘blasted’s; A mention of a curse (said, not written); Some eye rolling; A fire, smoke, & passing out (barely-above-not-detailed); Punching a man after he shared rude comments; Mentions of fires & death; Mentions of a hostage situation, guns being aimed/shot to threaten others, & a death; Mentions of alcohol, drinking, drunks, & saloons; Mentions of gossip & rumors; A few mentions of hitting a person; A few mentions of lies & lying; A couple mentions of gambling; A couple mentions of tobacco.

Sexual Content- two fingers kisses, three hand kisses, a nose kiss, three cheek kisses, four forehead/head kisses, a barely-above-not-detailed kiss, and two semi-detailed kisses; Touches, Embraces, Dancing, & Nearness (barely-above-not-detailed); Wanting to touch & dance; Noticing (barely-above-not-detailed); Mentions of saloon girls & men making comments about them; Mentions of romantic & mushy letters from lovers; Mentions of kisses & seeing a couple kiss; A few mentions of jealousy; A couple mentions of having someone warm in bed with you on cold nights; A couple mentions of blushes; A mention of a wedding night; A mention of flirting; Love, falling in love, & the emotions;
             *Note: A couple mentions of being womanly & wearing a dress that fits each curve; A mention of animal husbandry.

-Penny Ercanbeck, age 22
-Thomas Conner
                                P.O.V. switches between them
                                           Set in 1883
                                                        309 pages

Pre Teens-
New Teens-
Early High School Teens-
Older High School Teens-
My personal Rating-
One word to describe this book: sweet.
Three words to describe this book: sweet, sensitive, and caring.
Rachel Fordham became an author to watch in my book after reading and truly enjoying her debut novel, “The Hope of Azure Springs”. While I’d say I still enjoyed that novel a bit more than “Yours Truly, Thomas”, this new novel was still a good read.
Penny completely won me over within the beginning pages. Her caring and sensitive soul is something I relate to in more ways than one. I loved seeing those traits in a Christian Fiction book. Thomas was a good hero as well, but I don’t believe I connected with him as much as I did with Penny. I only have two things that I wasn’t the happiest with, though: How short this book is and that there were a few too many convenient parts that happened too quickly. It was still a sweet book and I enjoyed seeing some of the characters from Azure Springs again.

See y’all on Friday with a new review!

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*I received this book for free from the Publisher (Revell) for this honest review.

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