Friday, November 29, 2019

"Through Thick & Thin" by Sandra Byrd

About this book:

  “Savvy Smith, 15, sees her chance to write a full column in the paper, making her name and making her way in her new hometown near London, England. But the choices she faces when given the chance to choose between friends, family, and fame may turn her dream into a nightmare. London Confidential is a new series where British fashion, friendships, and guys collide, and an all-American girl learns to love life and live out her faith.”

Series: Book #2 in the “London Confidential” series. Review of Book #1 Here!

Spiritual Content- Matthew 6:4 at the end; Prayers & Thanking God; Scriptures are read & mentioned; Church going & going to youth group; Talks about God; ‘H’s are capitalized when referring to God; Many mentions of God & Jesus; Mentions of prayers & praying; Mentions of Bibles, Bible reading, Bible studies, those in the Bible, events, & Scriptures; Mentions of churches, church going, youth groups, services, & pastors; Mentions of Christians; Mentions of spiritual gifts & miracles; Mentions of worship teams & worshiping; A few mentions of sins;
             *Note: A mention of someone thinking other’s horns emerging; A mention of the grim reaper.

Negative Content- Minor cussing including: a ‘darn’ and a ‘drat’; Some eye rolling & sarcasm; Savvy is tempted to lie but does not; Savvy later, though, disobeys her parents and sneaks out to go shopping, when she confesses/she’s found out later, she gets in trouble (she says when planning that disobeying wasn’t something she’d typically do, but because this isn’t a typical situation, she wonders of special circumstances applied; she does feel guilty); Mentions of lying & lies; Mentions of cheating; A few mentions of a historical figure’s wives being beheaded; A few mentions of thugs; A couple mentions of a school simulation of being drunk; A couple mentions of a smoke shop & cigarettes; A mention of throwing up; A mention of passing gas;
             *Note: A few mentions of designer names & clothing stores; A couple mentions of Teen Vogue magazines; A mention of Botox.

Sexual Content- Mentions of boyfriends, girlfriends, couples, & dating; Mentions of dances & dates; Mentions of super cute boys; Mentions of crushes & blushes; A couple mentions of kisses & kissing; A mention of a player; A mention of flirting;
             *Note: A mention of Savvy shaving her legs.  

-Savannah “Savvy” Smith, age 15
                                         1st person P.O.V. of Savvy
                                                        271 pages

Pre Teens-
New Teens-
Early High School Teens-
Older High School Teens-
My personal Rating-
This second books in the “London Confidential” series continues Savvy trying to find a good friend but also learning about how actions have consequences and more about British culture. There’s a large lesson of being truthful after Savvy hides something from her parents and gets grounded. Because this series is clean, I think older preteens would enjoy these books. 

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