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"Best Friend, Worst Enemy" by Bevery Lewis {Day 1 of the Countdown!}

{Today starts the first day of.....

For those just joining us: I'll be seeing/meeting the very talented author, Beverly Lewis, on April 7th for her book every Monday & Friday we'll post a review of one of her books! Starting the 10th of March and ending the 7th of April. So, more reviews of awesome books!}
                                                We're on day 1 of the count down!

Book 1 is:

Also in the "Holly's Heart" Collection One.

About this book:

“Holly Meredith is turning thirteen on Valentine's Day, and she can't wait! Maybe this will be the year to visit her dad in California, where he moved when her parents divorced several years ago. Since then, Holly has grown very close to her mom and little sister, and she has a best friend she can share everything with and tell everything to...well, almost everything. Holly and her best friend, Andie, were having a great seventh-grade year. But now a new boy in their class has them fighting over him--and this is one thing the girls can't share! According to the Loyalty Papers they created a few years ago, one of the girls has to back off. Should Holly forget about Jared to save her friendship with Andie? Or should she force Andie to stay away? When Holly's secret plan backfires, she discovers the true meaning of friendship--and learns the miracle of forgiveness.

 Series: “Holly’s Heart” book #1

Spiritual Content- Psalm 46:1, Acts 2:46, & Proverbs 17:17 are written; Holly goes to church and the Pastor talks about forgiveness which she doesn’t want to hear, so she tunes him out.

Negative Content- A boy makes many girls believe they’re a “item” (a couple); With her best friend, Holly says her (Holly’s) figure is lacking

Sexual Content- Holly is a bit boy crazy

-Holly Meredith (age 12, almost 13)

                                         P.O.V. of Holly
                                       150 pages        (I’m reading the “Holly’s Heart Omnibus”)


Holly is in public school so Homeschoolers (Like me) probably won’t be interested in this book, just because Holly’s life is centered around school in this book. Public school-ers (Ages: Tween and New Teens) may like this book because it focuses on boy drama and friendship drama, if they’re going through one of those. Good for 10 and up.

*BFCG may (Read the review to see) recommend this book by this author. It does not mean I recommend all the books by this author.

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