Monday, March 17, 2014

"Secret Summer Dreams" by Beverly Lewis {Day 3 of the Countdown!}

{For those just joining us: I'll be seeing/meeting the very talented author, Beverly Lewis, on April 7th for her book every Monday & Friday we'll post a review of one of her books! Starting the 10th of March and ending the 7th of April. So, more reviews of awesome books!}
                                                We're on day 3 of the count down!

Today's book is:

Also in the "Holly's Heart" Collection One.
About this book:

“Holly Meredith has the perfect summer planned. Her dad has asked her to stay with him in California for a few weeks, and Holly is super excited. She's looking forward to getting to know her dad better, and she knows this is the perfect opportunity to witness to him about God's love. Besides, this will be a great way to try to forget about Jared, her two-timing first crush. The problem is that no one wants Holly to go-not her mom or her younger sister or her best friend, Andie. Holly's summer dreams seem to be disappearing, and she's really bummed that she'll be stuck in boring Dressel Hills for another summer, putting up with her mom's bossy new boyfriend and his constantly sick kid. But when a family emergency sends Holly's mom to Denver, Holly feels worse than ever. What will become of the summer now?”

 Series: “Holly’s Heart” book #2 (review of Book #1 Here!)

Spiritual Content- Psalm 18:30 is quoted; Holly does some (what she calls) “selfish prayers” but sees that’s wrong and starts praying for those who need it.

Negative Content- Jared’s still in this book and Holly & Andy haven’t forgiven him and are pretty rude to him;With her best friend, Holly says her (Holly’s) figure is lacking

Sexual Content- Holly is a bit boy crazy

-Holly Meredith

                                         P.O.V. of Holly
                                       144 pages        (I’m reading the “Holly’s Heart Omnibus”)

Holly is in public school so Homeschoolers (Like me) probably won’t be interested in this book, just because Holly’s life is centered around school. Public school-ers (Ages: Tween and New Teens, 13-14) may like this book because it focuses on boy drama and friendship drama, if they’re going through one of those.

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