Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Meeting Beverly Lewis & Countdown Wrap-up!

Hi y’all! Today (as promised) I’ll be talking about meeting Mrs. Beverly Lewis & a wrap-up of our countdown!
  Yesterday, We (my Momma and I) got to Mardel about an hour early to buy the book “The Last Bride” and wait for Mrs. Lewis (…and to check out the bargain books. What?! Mardel has great bargain books!). After finding out certain $3 bargain books were $1, I went back and found more bargain books! Hahaha! That was my third time to check out---I spent all my babysitting money! ;)
When Mrs. Lewis came with her team (including Miss Amy from Bethany House! Hi Miss Amy!), I was just in awe! According to my Momma, my mouth was in a perfect “o”. We got in line and were third; when I was next I whispered “I’m next.” Miss Amy asked if I was excited. Heehee! Yes! I was on the verge of tears!
  Meeting Mrs. Beverly Lewis was a dream come true! She was so incredibly sweet and kind! My Momma mentioned how I normally read a book in a night and Mrs. Lewis replied, looking at me “You're allowed to use a bookmark.” My Momma just loved that! (In my defense- I sometimes savor books two nights!) ;)
  Here’s Mrs. Beverly Lewis and me!

And now here’s our wrap-up! In nine posts we reviewed nine of Mrs. Beverly Lewis’ books!
We reviewed (click on the text to see review):

Books in the “Holly’s Heart” series include: book #1 “Best Friend, Worst Enemy”, book #2 Secret Summer Dreams”, and book #3 “Sealed With a Kiss”.

“Seasons of Grace” book one “The Secret” & book two “The Missing”.

The first four books in the “Home to Hickory Hollow” series, “The Fiddler” (#1), “The Bridesmaid” (#2), “The Guardian” (#3) and “The Secret Keeper” (#4). Book #5, “The Last Bride” is the book the signing was for and the review will be up soon! 

 I had so much fun doing this Countdown and can’t wait to do another one!

And! Another special thing happening this week...Tomorrow is our Birthday! ‘Books for Christian Girls’ is one year old! As a special “Thank you!” every Monday, Wednesday, Friday and go back-n-fourth with another review on Tuesday & Thursday! And we have a very special book-goodie-filled giveaway coming up tomorrow- after we go meet Mrs. Amy Clipston! We’re very excited!

See you all tomorrow!

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  1. That is so cool that you were able to meet Beverly Lewis!!! :D She is my favorite author! :)