Wednesday, February 18, 2015

"Dizzy Blonde" by Anna Marie Kittrell

About this book:

  “All of her life, Lenni has been the perfect child, but still her parents are divorcing. Invisible and angry, Lenni trades her innocent princess image for the rebellious likeness of her favorite rock icon, Dizzy. In an effort to shed the old Lenni, she turns her back on those who love her most, trading true friendship for a dangerous affiliation with a shady upperclassman. When deception and rumors threaten to ruin Lenni’s life, she learns the value of good friends and the importance of an honorable reputation. But can this realization save her from the clutches of danger? Or was the lesson learned too late?”

Series: It’s connected to “Witcha’be” (Review Here!) and “Lineage” (Review coming next month!)

Spiritual Content- Prayers; A couple Scriptures are quoted; Witnessing; ‘H’s are capital when talking about God; Mentions of going to Youth Group & Church; A Christmas play; Mentions of praying, “God guilt trips”, & judging; “Thank God” is said; Darbi is an atheist.
*Note: “ugly as sin” is said; Lenni says “I opened the oven. Heat blasted my skin, reminding me of hell.”; Mentions of Bianca’s past witchcraft.

Negative Content- Minor cussing including: a ‘dang it’, a ‘gosh’, a ‘shoot’, two ‘crap’s, two ‘oh my gosh’s, three ‘idiot’s, four ‘heck’s, four ‘ohmigosh’s, five forms of ‘shut up’, six ‘freakin’’s, 16 ‘stupid’s; The singer Dizzy is not a good influence (see Sexual Content); Mentions of & almost smoking; Mentions of drugs; Mentions of drinking & underage drinking; Lenni’s parents recently divorcing (see Sexual Content); Petty & mean girls and jealously; Mentions of juvie; Mentions of pimples; Lying & Blackmail.  

Sexual Content- a ‘tramp’ and a ‘babe’; three ‘hot’s when describing how someone looks; seven ‘sexy’s; Trying on & Noticing dresses that show cleavage; Boy drama; Lenni’s dad had an affair with his “secretary-turned-girlfriend”; A mention of “girl issues” (it’s added “I started my period. I didn’t have any pads, so I had to go to the counselor’s office and get one.”  This is said by Rayna and is a lie); Lenni remembers the high school boy who stalked her throughout middle school, that he “gain my trust so I wouldn’t realize his evil intentions. What a sicko.” (He pops up again a few times, he tries to take care of some “unfinished business” with Lenni but is stopped);  Dizzy is not a good influence, Lenni starts acting like her, “I threw my head back and wailed into the mic, just like Dizzy did at her shows. I pumped my chest, shimmied my shoulders, and twerked my booty, keeping with the band.” (Dizzy is also called a seductress); Aunt Jodi worries about human trafficking and Lenni wonders if a guy is a pervert (thankfully, he’s not, but she does pose in some seductive poses for his camera); A mention of a Christmas present from a grandma that’s a bra.

-Lenni Flemming
                                         1st person P.O.V. of Lenni
                                                        150 pages

Pre Teens-
New Teens
Early High School Teens-
Older High School Teens
My personal Rating-
“Dizzy Blonde” is a redemption book—it’s a hard read, but it sadly can be the life for some girls in public school as well. I couldn’t relate to the problems that Lenni has but those who do will enjoy it more. I’d also like to add that I didn’t like Dizzy in “Witcha’be” and I disliked her even more in “Dizzy Blonde”! I’m hoping she doesn’t make a comeback in “Lineage”!

See y’all on Friday with a new review!  

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*I received this book for free from the Author for this review.

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