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"The Summer of Cotten Candy" by Debbie Viguié

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There is also another version of this cover, but I, personally, like this one better. ;)
About this book:

  “Most people think The Zone is an amusement park, but Candy Thompson knows it s really a slave labor camp. What else would you call a summer job that requires a sixteen-year-old girl to set aside her whole social life for the privilege of standing out in the hot sun selling cotton candy? Still, there are perks particularly the mysterious hunk in the Lone Ranger costume. Behind that mask are the most amazing eyes Candy has ever seen. Who is that masked man? But someone else is just as interested. And romantic competition isn’t the only problem. Besides being hard work, The Zone is eating up major time. How is Candy supposed to stay involved in church? Worse yet, will she lose her best friend, Tamara, who resents how Candy’s job limits their time together? This is NOT the summer Candy hoped for! But as she is about to discover, the summer of cotton candy will be the greatest summer of her life.”

Series: Book #1 (of four) in the “Sweet Seasons” series.

Spiritual Content- Prayers & mentions of Praying; Asking forgiveness; A couple mentions of Scriptures; Church & Youth Group; A mention of David & Goliath; A girl says God isn’t real because her mother told her so.
*Note: Candace says the workers at The Zone act like The Zone is “some sort of shrine to the god of entertainment.”; Candace renames The Zone, “Hell Zone”.

Negative Content- Minor cussing including: a ‘dang’, a ‘dang it’, a form of ‘dumb’, a ‘gosh’, a ‘oh my gosh’, a form of ‘screw’, a ‘stupid’, a form of ‘suck’, a ‘wicked’, a ‘wimpy’, two forms of ‘crap’, three ‘duh’, five ‘idiot’; Sarcasm; Mentions of a drug test & urinating in a cup; Mentions of vampires & mummies.

Sexual Content- Five barely-above-not-detailed kisses (One of those on the first date and telling friends about it) and Five boarder-line barely-above-not-detailed // semi-detailed kisses; Thinking about kissing & kisses; Noticing & Staring; five forms of ‘hot’ when referring how someone looks; Boys, crushes, cheating & dating plus mentions of it all; Flirts & Jerks leer & make kissy noises at Candace; Candace is convinced that a guy is a pervert; Candace calls Tamara’s 15year old cousin a perv when he pinches her; A nightmare of wearing nothing from the waist down (no details).
*Note: “get your butt over here”, “You kicked butt” and “kick your butt out of here” are said once each; Mentions of (and sometimes wearing) shorts, tank tops, short skirts, bras & low-cut tops.

-Candace “Candy” Thompson, age 17
                                         P.O.V. of Candace
                                                        209 pages

Pre Teens-

New Teens-
(and a half)

Early High School Teens-
(and a half)

Older High School Teens-
(and a half)

My personal Rating-

{Higher ratings for girls in Public School or fans of Melody Carlson}
While I wasn’t a fan of all the kisses, I laughed so hard! The plot-line was fun. This was overall decent read and I can see many teenagers enjoying this series.

There will be no new reviews this coming week! I need to do some updating to the site and will be taking the week “off” to do so. ;)

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