Friday, May 20, 2016

"Flight School" by Jason McIntire

About this book:

  “On the verge of adult life, Chris Rivera is eager to get started on his career as a director of Christian movies. But he’ll have to do it without his best friend Ben, who has traded childhood toys for law books... and a very pretty study partner.
  Meanwhile, Jessie is getting a lot of attention from conservative neighbor John and trendy friend Galen – each of whom, for drastically different reasons, seems a little too good to be true.
  In the face of hard questions and big temptations, how do you know which choice is right? And where do you get the courage to make it?”

Series: Book #2 in the “Sparrow Stories” series. (Review of Book #1 Here!)

Spiritual Content- Many, many Prayers; Many Scriptures are quoted, mentioned, read, thought and talked over; Witnessing; Many, many talks about God, fasting, humility, being spiritual & sins; ‘H’s are sometimes capital when referring to God or Jesus; Many, many, many mentions of prayers & praying; Many mentions of God; Many mentions of churches, hymns & preachers; Many mentions of Bible reading, studies & devotionals; Many mentions of making Christian movies; Many mentions of denominations (including a made-up one like the Amish); Mentions of those in the Bible; Mentions of missionaries & martyrs; Mentions of witnessing; A few mentions of Heaven; A few mentions of hypocrites; A couple mentions of miracles;
*Note: Mentions of idols; A few mentions of Indian artifacts that are “blessed”.

Negative Content- Minor cussing including: a form of ‘buck up’, a ‘crummy’, and four forms of ‘stupid’; A bit of sarcasm & smarting off; A mention of eating crow; Many mentions of divorce & husbands leaving; Mentions of casinos & gambling; Mentions of drinking, hangovers & alcohol; Mentions of thugs & gang members; A couple mentions of prison & drugs; A couple mentions of fighting & hitting; A mention of abuse;
*Note: A mention of zombies.

Sexual Content- A tiny bit of noticing; Mentions of dating, courting & interest in someone; Mentions of labor (barely-above-not-detailed); A mention of modest swimsuits; A mention of an affair & infidelity; A mention of miscarriages.

-Jessie Rivera, age 17
-Chris Rivera
                                        P.O.V. switches between Jessie, Chris, Ben, John, & Galen
                                                        256 pages

Pre Teens-
New Teens-
Early High School Teens-
Older High School Teens-
My personal Rating-
Set two years after “The Sparrow Found a House”, this sequel book picks up a lot of different plots and interests (law, movie making, having humility, etc.). While I personally disagree with some things said, I do appreciate all the Spiritual Content. Like the first book, I did enjoy the second half better. I did have to laugh that at one point, I was thinking about how much Katie reminds me of Elsie Dinsmore and then when I swiped to the next page, Katie’s older brother was comparing the two of them! ;)    

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*I received this book for free from the Author for this honest review.

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