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"Every Bride Has Her Day" by Janice Thompson

About this book:

  “Katie Fisher is ecstatic. Pro basketball star Brady James has proposed, and she can't wait to start planning their life together. She's confident she'll make it down the aisle this time--but it still may be easier said than done. A high-society Houston bride has Katie and the Cosmopolitan Bridal team scrambling to get the perfect dress done in time for her spectacular wedding. Meanwhile, Katie finds herself bombarded with everyone's competing visions regarding her own special day--and she's beginning to worry that her own ideas will get lost in the crossfire. Will she ever manage to settle all of the details for "her" perfect day? Or will bridal shop chaos and overzealous friends and family make a mess of everything?
  Another Delightful Romance from the Queen of Romantic Comedy, Fan favorite Janice Thompson gives readers what they've been clamoring for: another funny, romantic romp with a Texas twang.”

Series: The final book in the “Brides With Style” series. (Review of Book #1 Here! and Book #2 Here!)

Spiritual Content- Many prayers; Praising & Thanking God; Scriptures are read, mentioned, remembered & thought over; Bible reading; Church going; Many talks about God & His time; ‘H’s are not capital when referring to God; Many mentions of prayers & Women of Prayer ladies (WOP-pers); Many mentions of churches & denominations; Mentions of the Spirit; A few mentions of Bible reading; A few mentions of those in the Bible; A couple mentions of a come-to-Jesus-meeting; A couple mentions of miracles; A mention of mission work;
*Note: A mention of Adonis.

Negative Content- Minor cussing including: a ‘crummy’, a ‘dang’, an ‘old fart’, a ‘shoot’, a ‘stinkin’, a ‘suckers’, a “the poop hit the fan”, a ‘where the heck’, two ‘gosh’s, three ‘duh’s, three ‘stupid’s, seven forms of ‘dumb’s; Mentions of busybodies & gossip; A few (teasing) mentions of murder; A couple mentions of not drinking & non-alcoholic drinks; A mention of rehab; A mention of divorce.

Sexual Content- four cheek kisses, a nose kiss, a head/hair kiss, over ten barely-above-not-detailed kisses, four boarder-line barely-above-not-detailed // semi-detailed kisses; Touches & Embraces (barely-above-not-detailed); Noticing; a ‘baby’, two ‘babe’s and two ‘hunky’s; Mentions of ex-es; Mentions of kissing & kisses; Mentions of other married, engaged & almost-engaged couples kissing and showing PDA; Mentions of honeymoons, sharing a bed, & honeymoon babies (and a couple mentions of a husband getting his wife’s corseted dress off her, no details on anything); Mentions of labor & postpartum hormones; A few mentions of babies born out of wedlock; A few mentions of a man giving his wife a ‘come hither look’ & acting frisky (and also a couple mentions of him pinching and slapping his wife’s bottom, along with nibbling on her ear); A mention of skinny dipping; A misunderstanding on thinking a baby was born before the parents are married; Love, being in love & the emotions;
              *Note: A mention of a swift kick in the backside; A mention of a person being called ‘buttinsky’; A couple mentions of a near-naked Greek statue; A couple mentions of a woman’s waist & curves; A couple mentions of a temptress & a risqué actress; A few mentions of a hemorrhoid surgery; A misunderstand standing between “a pain in know” and someone being “a pain in the…you know”.

-Katie Fisher
                                    1st person P.O.V. of Katie
                                                        321 pages

Pre Teens-
New Teens-
Early High School Teens-
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My personal Rating-
*blissfully happy sigh* This was an absolutely perfect ending to this trilogy. Janice Thompson creates the best characters that get in the most rib-tickling misunderstandings. Miss Janice writes laugh-out-loud wedding books that are way better than any ol’ Hallmark movie. Filled with humor, southern accents & lots of prayers, anything Janice Thompson writes is a must read for me. (There’s a salon called Do or Dye in this one, y’all. That’s just a taste of the wit in a Janice Thompson novel.) In “Every Bride Has Her Day”, I literally cried at the wedding & prayer. It was so sweet and very touching!
Janice Thompson (and also published under Janice Hanna) is one of my top-5-favorite authors and I can’t wait to see what she writes next. :)

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