Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Amy Clipston’s Bakery Bunch Challenges {+ Giveaway!}

Hi y’all!
A couple months ago I was accepted to be a part of Miss Amy Clipston’s promoting team, which she calls her Bakery Bunch! Y’all already know how much I adore Miss Amy’s books (example 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6…) so I was really excited to be accepted! And then a got a box of goodies to share and keep! I had some challenges I need to do though! Come along with me while we do them! :)

*Fun Fact: About 90% of the time when I’m blogging I have my hair clipped up, and in all but one of these pictures my hair is up. When it’s down, it reaches to my elbows. Because I know y’all were just so curious about that! ;D

I got the box! Yay! {This is a true selfie—it was actually taken with a handheld device!}

Found Miss Amy’s new book, “A Dream of Home” at Sam’s Club! Oh! And this novel will be reviewed next Friday!

Jamming out to Manic Drive in the car with my Tumbler!

Mardel Christian bookstore! Ahhh, they have the best bargain books! My mission was to share Miss Amy’s bookmarks with the manger!

Success! Every Amy Clipston book I found now has a bookmark in it! Haha!

Shopping at H.E.B. with my bag!
And what fun is a post without a Behind the Scenes? :)

Drum-roll please! It’s time for the Giveaway! Enter to win a copy of “A Mother’s Secret”, a “Destination Unknown” luggage tag, and some extra goodies!!
Open USA only, Ends the 19th.

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And here are some books we’ve review by Miss Amy Clipston! Click on the cover to go to the review!





Is anyone is doing the Goodreads Reading Challenge? Feel friend to friend me and we can talk books! :D

See y’all tomorrow with a new review!


  1. I tried leaving as comment earlier for this contest, but appears that I have no compatible sign-in place....so my daughter said I could use her Google account.
    I'd like you to review "You're My Miracle" and "Oh, Brother" both by my teenage daughter, Samantha L Morgan. YMM was written when she was only 13. OB when she was 15. She's currently working on the next book in the OB series. Quite a lot of talent and creativity for someone so young. She's got a bright future ahead of her!

    1. By the way, this was enter by her mother....Linda Morgan

  2. I'd like to see a review for "Waterfall" by Lisa Tawn Bergren and "Sweet Harmony" by Luann McLane :)

  3. The Amish Cradle by Amy and her friends would be a good one for review! I would enjoy reviews of two by Colleen Coble - The Lightkeeper's Ball and the Lightkeeper's Bride.
    Thank you for this book giveaway opportunity!

  4. Found by Margaret Haddix! I think she has a middle name on her books but I forget..

  5. I would love to see a review for Witemeyer, Karen – “A Tailor-Made Bride” and Vogel, Kim Sawyer – “A Seeking Heart”.

  6. I would like to see A White Christmas In Webster County by Laura V. Hilton added to your review list. It's a great book.

  7. Cute blog! Can't wait to see reviews on Amish Cradle. I hope to be reading that one shortly.

  8. I would like to see a review on Maggie's Journey and A Broken Kind of Beautiful. Thank you!

  9. I do have a book that is not on your list that I would love for you to review. I am considering letting my granddaughter read it, but was trying to figure out if she is old enough. The book is No Safe Haven by Kayla and Kimberley Woodhouse.

  10. A few books I would like to see reviewed are Courting Emily by Amy Lillard and the book The Bracelet by Dorothy Love. I have heard both are really good.