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"Remnants: Season of Fire" by Lisa T. Bergren {Teen Week!}

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{Welcome to Teen Week! Every quarter we're going to try and do a Teen Week! A week where every weekday has a new review of a Christian book written just for teens! You’re reading the third one of this quarter's! :) {Day 1 here!} {Day 2 here!}}

About this book:

  “After tackling her first mission and coming to terms with her power of empathy, Andriana discovers her first battles were only a taste of what is to come. She and her knight, Ronan, have admitted their feelings for each other, but their bonds are tested when Dri is captured by their mortal and spiritual enemy—Sethos—and his master, Keallach, emperor of Pacifica.
  Andriana is certain Keallach can be convinced to follow the Maker’s plan and join the other Remnants . . . but in time, she must decide whether she really can pull him back to the Way, or if Sethos’s web of darkness has slowly and thoroughly trapped them both . . . forever.”

Series: Book #2 in the “The Remnants” series. (Review of Book #1 Here!)  

Spiritual Content- Very much the Light vs the Dark storyline; All about the Call & high gifts; Many, many, many Prayers; A couple blessings over food; Talking to & Focusing on the Maker; Witnessing & Preaching; Many, many, many Talks about the Maker, his plans, power & presence, his mercy & grace, along with listening, trusting & relaying on him and focusing on Who’s you are; ‘H’s are not capital when referring to the Maker (easy to assume that the Maker is supposed to be God); Quite a few Scriptures are quoted & remembered; *Spoiler* Raniero is an angel. *End of Spoiler*; Many, many mentions of the Maker; Many, many Mentions of thanking & praising the Maker; Many, many mentions of prayers & praying; Mentions of visions from the Maker; Mentions of followers of the Way; Mentions of miracles; A few mentions of the Sacred Words (assumed to be the Bible); A few mentions of a song about the Maker; A few mentions of angels;
*Note: Keallach says he’s “in pursuit of enlightenment” and believes that the Maker left him; The Six hate mentions of the Maker and want to kill anyone who believes in him; Drifters scoff at the Maker and believe he is dead (the Ailith changes their minds); Sethos is a sorcerer; Mentions of darkness, dark thoughts & spells; Mentions of sorcery & demons; Two mentions of H*ll (“a sigh from hell” and graffiti that says “H*ll is here.”); A mention of a devilish smile & a devilish brow; A mention of superstition; A couple mentions of gods; A few places are called cursed.

Negative Content- Minor cussing including: a form of ‘idiot’, a ‘shut up’ and three forms of ‘stupid’; Curses are said not written; Lots & Lots of Fighting, Killing, Hitting, Battle, almost being killed, Blood, Arrows, Swords, Daggers & where they are aimed/put (all ranging from semi-detailed to detailed); Beatings along with being hit, slapped and kicked (semi-detailed); Lots of Pain (semi-detailed); Enemies & Trackers (and to kill one you have to cut out their heart or decapitate them); Many mentions of deaths, fighting, killing & bodies; Many mentions of hitting, bruises, blood, stitches, injuries & wounds (mostly semi-detailed); Many mentions of murders & torture (up to semi-detailed); Mentions of broken bones & the sounds they make (semi-detailed); Mentions of drinking, drunks, port & wine (Dri takes a few sips of wine and later throws up (up to semi-detailed)); Mentions of the Cancer & illnesses; Mentions of a prison, chains & being enslaved; Mentions of scars & whippings; Mentions of lies; A few mentions of almost being hanged; A few mentions of kidnappings; A couple mentions of poison; A mention of drugging someone (in Book #1); A mention of pig’s blood.

Sexual Content- four hand kisses, a neck kiss, two head kisses, a not-detailed kiss, three semi-detailed kisses, and a detailed kiss; Remembering kisses; Mentions of kisses; Blushes, Dancing, Warmth, Touches, Shivers & Embraces (semi-detailed); Noticing & Smelling (up to semi-detailed); Men gaze, leer & stare at Dri (and a few mentions of their looks towards her); Dri wakes up in a man’s bed alone (he didn’t sleep with her nor did he molest her; later it is said by another man: “You are to be kept in good health, unmolested by me or anyone else.”); Dri wonders wonder many women a man has bedded (she shakes the thought from her head, not caring); A mention of a woman’s bedroom with easy access for a man to get in; A couple mentions of women there to entertain important men; A couple mentions of miscarriages; A couple mentions of marriage and the pleasures; A few mentions of man & woman love and heat; A few mention of lust (and men wanting to be alone with Dri); A few mentions of what happens in Zanzibar (girls being sold into marriage, etc.); A few mentions of bearing children; A few mentions of Book #1’s scenes with half-dressed women kissing influential men while the men leer at Dri; Mentions of intimacy; Mentions of desires; Mentions of infertility (barely-above-not-detailed); Mentions of a birth & nursing babies (semi-detailed); Mentions of flirting & jealousy; Mentions of being in love & sacrifices; Love, being/falling in love, & the emotions; 
             *Note: A mention of stripping down to underclothes to bathe; A couple mentions of nakedness; A couple mentions of bare chested men (no details); A few mentions of underclothes; A few mentions of modesty; A couple mentions of Dri’s bra & bra band; Dri is put in two different clingy dresses that show every line & curve of her body; Also a dress with a bare back (semi-detailed touches).

-Andriana “Dri”, age 17
                                         1st person P.O.V. switches between Dri & Ronan
                                                        381 pages

Pre Teens-
New Teens-
Early High School Teens-
Older High School Teens-
My personal Rating-
Lisa T. Bergren somehow gets all my Fangirl emotions in a tizzy. Not quite sure how she does that. (Melanie Dickerson does that too...hmm..) And while the fighting got to be a bit much and there shouldn’t have been that much kissing, overall it was good and I am looking forward to reading the last book in the series when it comes out. (In winter 2016! Argh! D: )

See y’all TOMORROW with another Teen Week review!

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*I received this book for free from the Publisher (Blink) for this honest review.

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