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"When Love Calls" by Lorna Seilstad

About this book:

  “Hannah Gregory is good at many things, but that list does not include following rules. So when she is forced to apply for a job as a telephone switchboard operator to support her two sisters, she knows it won’t be easy. Hello Girls must conduct themselves according to strict--and often bewildering--rules, which include absolutely no consorting with gentlemen while in training.
  Hannah doubts it will be difficult to keep that rule--until a handsome young lawyer starts getting under her skin.
  With historic details that bring to life the exciting first decade of the twentieth century, Lorna Seilstad weaves a charming tale of companionship that blossoms into sweet romance.”

Series: Book #1 in “The Gregory Sister” series. Review of Book #3, Here!

Spiritual Content- Ruth 2:12 at the beginning; Scriptures are mentioned, quoted, read, & remembered; Prayers & Blessings over food; Church going; Talks about God, trusting Him, & those in the Bible; ‘H’s are not capital when referring to God; Mentions of God; Mentions of prayers, praying, answered prayers, thanking God, & blessings over food; Mentions of those in the Bible & Bible reading; Mentions of Christians; Mentions of churches, church going, services, hymns, sermons, & preachers; A few mentions of blessings; A couple mentions of a Bible quiz;
             *Note: A few mentions of curses; A couple mentions of superstitions; A couple mentions of luck.

Negative Content- Minor cussing including: five ‘stupid’s; A couple mentions of curses (said, not written); Sass, sarcasm, & eye rolling; An explosion & flames (up to semi-detailed); Shattered glass, screams, & blood/bleeding (barely-above-not-detailed); Many mentions of possible planned murders, deliberate explosions, arson, dynamite, throwing bricks, & fires (up to semi-detailed); Mentions of Hannah’s parents’ deaths; Mentions of injuries, blood/bleeding, & deaths; Mentions of arrests, jail, & criminals; Mentions of lies & lying; Mentions of jealousy; Mentions of cigars, tobacco, smoking, & smoke; A few mentions of possible (accidental) murders; A few mentions of a gun going off & someone being hurt; A few mentions of threats; A few mentions of hatred; A few mentions of stealing; A few mentions of rumors & gossip; A few mentions of cheating; A couple mentions of spankings; A mention of a suicide; A mention of a death from dynamite; A mention of an autopsy on a rabies victim; A mention of nightmares.

Sexual Content- a hand/fingers kiss, a thumb-to-lips touch, four cheek kisses, two forehead kisses, a barely-above-not-detailed (forced) kiss, three semi-detailed kisses, a boarder-line semi-detailed // detailed kiss, and a very detailed kiss; Thinking about kissing/kisses & Staring at another’s lips; Remembering kisses (barely-above-not-detailed); Touches, Embraces, Warmth, & Hand holding (barely-above-not-detailed); Noticing, Nearness, & Smelling (barely-above-not-detailed); Mentions of kisses, kissing, & hints of kissing (barely-above-not-detailed); Mentions of blushes; Mentions of jealousy; Mentions of chaperones; A few mentions of catching a young man embracing and kissing another girl; A few mentions of a cad & the favors he would want; A couple mentions of “sparkin’”; A mention of a flirt; A mention of a cheek kiss; Love, falling in love, & the emotions;
             *Note: A few mentions of mothers who died in childbirth; A few mentions of undergarments; A couple mentions of low necklines on dresses; A mention of a “far from brotherly look”; A mention of a man whistling at Hannah; A mention of a man cat-calling Hannah.

-Hannah Gregory
-Lincoln Cole, age 25
                                P.O.V. switches between them & Charlotte
                                             Set in 1908
                                                        340 pages

Pre Teens-

New Teens-

Early High School Teens-

Older High School Teens-

My personal Rating-

My second time re-reading this book, first time reviewing. I did think this book was kissier than I remembered, but Tessa just as funny. I also find the phrase about Hannah feeling as though her corset strings were pulled taut odd. It was mentioned twice and I found it to be an odd description, personally.
Overall, while the ending was a bit rushed and the kisses were a bit much, it had it’s cute and good parts.

See y’all on Wednesday with a new review!

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