Monday, December 22, 2014

"A Plain and Simple Christmas" by Amy Clipston

{Merry CHRISTmas everyone! Every Monday, Wednesday & Friday in honor of our Savior’s birth there’ll be a new Christmas book review! With a couple giveaways sprinkled in, it’s going to be so much fun! Let’s start!}
About this book:

  “Just in time, or just too late?
  In the tradition of her widely popular Kauffman Amish Bakery series, author Amy Clipston weaves this tale of Anna Mae McDonough—shunned by her family four years ago when she left her Amish community in Lancaster County, PA, to marry a non-Amish man in Baltimore.
  Anne Mae has longed to return home the holidays, but she worries her visit will cause too much stress. With the help of a friend who believes it is God’s will for the family to heal. Anna Mae arrives in Lancaster just in time for Christmas. But is it too late for a miracle?
A book filled with love, the pain of being separated from one's family, and the determination to follow God's will regardless of the outcome, “A Plain and Simple Christmas” is an inspiring page-turner that will keep you guessing what happens next ... right to the very last page.

Or also:
   “An Inspiring Amish Tale of Faith, Family, Forgiveness…and the Miracle of Christmas.
  Four years after being shunned for marrying an “Englisher” Anna Mae McDonough wants to reconcile with her Amish family. And what better time than Christmas? But when her surprise visit doesn’t go as planned, she begins to question her place in the family.
  Is Anna Mae determined enough to fellow God’s will so the family can heal?”

This novella is connected to the ‘Kauffman Amish Bakery’ series and is the first book is the Christmas Stories line. You can see our review of the second book, “Naomi’s Gift”, Here!

Spiritual Content- Talks about God’s will, forgiveness & trusting Him; ‘H’s are capital; Prayers & Blessings over food; Bible reading; Scriptures are quoted.

Negative Content- Minor cussing including: two ‘stupid’s. Keeping secrets.

Sexual Content- Not-detailed kisses & 6 barely-above-not-detailed kisses between married couples; Touches between them too (barely-above-not-detailed); Labor & pains (borderline barely-above-not-detailed to semi-detailed).

-Anna Mae McDonough
-Kathryn Beiler
                                         P.O.V. switches between them, David, Mary Rose & Kellan
                                                        178 pages (with a recipe!)

Pre Teens-

New Teens- 

Early High School Teens- 

Older High School Teens- 

My personal Rating-

While “A Plain and Simple Christmas” isn’t the best book for this age range on here, it really was a cute story with a good message of forgiveness.

See y’all on Wednesday with the last CHRISTmas review of this month!

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